Don Arbor

County D

Don Arbor's crystalline vocals are backed by Barbara Higbie's gorgeous piano/violin/cello composition-- an unforgettable tale, for anyone who ever left someone or someplace, and found that life went on, maybe even better than before.

Man On A Mission

This 2 CD set includes a "mostly electric" CD of catchy, clever, original, hook-filled pop rock/blues/reggae, and a "mostly acoustic" set of beautiful singer-songwriter compositions, plus the best cover of "Crying" since Roy Orbison himself.

Salam Pax

Don Arbor's release, "Salam Pax (Peace)," features the CD and video of the title track, which is an Official Selection of the 2008 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and the 2008 Berkeley Film and Video Festival. The video is also up on Youtube, where it has received "Five Stars" ("Awesome!") ratings. 

Postcard from the Mystery Spot

Don Arbor performs catchy, intelligent, amazingly diverse pop songs, rooted in rock, blues and acoustic traditions, with clear, pure vocals and an allstar band of San Francisco's best musicians, including Stef Burns, lead guitarist for Huey Lewis.